Eigler's Eyes

[ Chris Robinson ]

This is a digital drawing parodying an iconic image in nanotechnology
(Quantum Corral, STM image of iron on copper) by IBM scientist Don
Eigler. The central image shows Eigler's use of Scanning Tunneling
Microscopy (STM) to arrange 48 iron atoms into a ring in order to
'corral' some surface state electrons and force them into quantum states
and the resulting electron wave. The image is highly altered to provide
convenient access to select information, but also deceives. The various
other portions of the artwork explore alternatives and ask how we note
and perceive truth - some of the surface imagery is accurate to this
scale, some is not.

Chris Robinson is a visual artist who is interested in the role and
meaning of science and technology in contemporary culture and how itv assists in and influences decision-making. He is a senior and
co-principal investigator on National Science Foundation fundedv multi-disciplinary research teams investigating the broader impacts,v societal implications, and role of images in nanoscience/technology.
Robinson teaches 3D and digital imaging in the Department of Art at thev University of South Carolina. His work over the years has ranged from
the early use of computers in the arts to laser installations, aviation
and space development, and complex drawings of digital spaces. Robinson
crosses the two cultures and exhibits, writes, and presents at national
and international venues and conferences in the arts and sciences.