Jean-Francois Leboeuf

[ Celluloid Barockeries ]

Celluloid Barockeries is a self-representation and video scratching crossover. It shows an anarchic ensemble of television and cinema snippets collected from our past and present "junk culture". The video is a repossession of material the mass medias offered to / imposed on us. It reappropriates images defining the man / macho identity. The hacking is done with sarcasm and humor in the form of an encounter between public and personal, between the strong and the weak. The video material is truncated and remixed. It often gives a new twist to the meaning of those scenes. The video may also raise the question "Who owns the images?". In the case of mass-media imaging, is it the companies that market those or the people who pay to "own" them?

Coming from a graphic design background (scholarship and work), Jean-François Leboeuf achieved a bachelor and a master in visual arts. His video work was shown in various canadian events in Quebec City, Montreal and Toronto as well as in Helsinki (Finland), Casablanca (Morocco) and San Francisco (U.S.A.). Recent solo exhibitions includes Barbare Box (Montreal), Barock'n'rollin' (Rimouski) and Junk Male Box (Quebec City).

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