Guido Vetere:
internet expert and researcher on the philosophy of language, he's the father of Degradarte. His post published on January 9th on his Nova100 blog
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officially defines the birth of a new field of research inspired by law S1861. He is currently launching on Nova the Degradarte lab, in which the first degraded artworks are starting to appear

Pietro Folena:
deputee for the italian PRC and President of the Cultural Commission of the Italian Parlament, he gave birth to the degrading "comma". The 1-bis comma is truly the most sought after of the whole new law, and it has been approved on September the 19th by the Cultural Commission and sees Folena as the first signature. On December 21st his "comma" passed the veto of the Senate: the only remaining obstacle to become an effective law is the approval of the Parlament. In the meantime the its "dad" defends his "comma" without hesitation: "we truly obtained a small-small extension of freedom for internet users."

practically the first degrad-artist in Italy :)
[ Art is Open Source ]

Fabio Turel:
researcher in formal logic and mathematics he's busy on Internet and Innovation. With his "mi puffo d'immenso" he publishes the first experiment in degraded poetry.

Anna Masera:
Chief Editor for the website of [*La Stampa*] in which she publishes the [*Web Notes*]. She immediately criticizes the new law and keeps her readers informed on its evolution. She's among the first supporters of the Degradarte, appreciating its great humour and irony
[ Article on La Stampa ]

Francesco Rutelli:
currently Minister of Cultural Activities. He alone, in the end, will decide the destiny of the copyright reform. After hearing the final reports by prof. Gambino and by the other representatives of the Permanent Advisory Committee on Copyright, he left without a single comment. What does HE think of degradation?

Beppe Grillo:
The S1861 law hits a spot with him, and the "comma" on degraded artworks becomes a focus on his powerful blog
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Marco Cappato:
Member of the european parlament for the Radical party and President of the Luca Coscioni Association. On January 9th he writes a letter/pledge to Napolitano (Italy's President) expressing deep worries: the "comma" creates serious risks for the freedom of scientific research . By Marco, the president should personally take appropriate action through his offices, before signing the law.

Alberto Maria Gambino:
New president of the Permanent Advisory Commitee on copyright, since July 18th 2007. This young jurist has shown a fine political instinct since the beginning: he accepts three members of digital associations to represent the fruitors of the digital contents and subscribes to their newsletters. He immediately brings up two special commissions to elaborate proposals for reform on copyright related issues and, on December 18th, delivers to Mr. Rutelli the resulting final report and proposal. The minister does not loose his cool and the work of his committee gets ignored by the commissions in the Senate and Parlament!

Fiorello Cortiana:
currently member of the Advisory Committee for Internet Governance of the Italian Government, ex Green Senator. In these days he's one of the main actors of a lively debate with Pietro Folena. He objects that a real confrontation with all the stakeholders never took place in the Cultural Commission
( [ Parlament LINK ] )
and that if it did, it would have created much better results.

Guido Scorza:
Notorious jurist and expert in the information society, he immediately reacts on his blog with a hard critique to the new copyright law, and to the "degrading comma", on both methodology, content and form. He gives Folena a hard time, publishing his replies and the ones of Fiorello Cortiana, animating their debate even more. He is convinced that no-one ever read the Gambino Report.
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Giorgio Assumma:
President of the SIAE (Società Italiana Autori e Editori), he declares himself satisfied by the new law. The SIAE thinks taht it is a great step ahead. Comma 1-bis or not, the direct stakeholders are not degraded at all!

Enzo Mazza:
The president of the FIMI (Federazione Industria Musicale Italiana) still thinks that the real problem is piracy... he would have made the law on copyright just the way it is. He personifies the thought of the italian industrial groups.